SmartLens Analytics
Apply Data Science to Marketing Campaigns for Superior Performance


Fusion of Data Science and Marketing


SmartLens is in multi-billion dollar online marketing industries. we are very much data, science and technology driven. If you are passionate about online marketing, data science, AND TECHNOLOGY, come join us!



We grow client's business 15%, 30%, 100% by leveraging models to improve online marketing processes. We save valuable dollars in marketing spend, grow conversions, or optimize strategies for our clients. All of it is achieved by our data science techniques. How? Join us and find out!

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How do we convey analyses and intelligence to clients in the most intuitive manner? If you are passionate about delivering stories through data and concise visualization of complex data, we want you!

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We deal with massive amount of structured and unstructured data and send millions of entries to different platforms... every day. How to scale while maintaining performance and be efficient about it? If these challenges sound interesting, please join us!

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Every client we service has different needs and goals. Many don’t fully grasp the value data science can bring to their marketing operations. If you love building relationships and evangelizing the benefits of using data to empower advertisers, this may be the role for you!

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