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SmartLens Platform

Our web-based UI gives you the ability to monitor performance in an intuitive and familiar way. Guide our models to your desired objectives and target numbers directly in the app.

  • Unified Platform for all Channels

  • Customized Conversion Tracking

  • Bid Objective Management

  • Performance Dashboard

  • Bidding and Experiment Change Report

  • Analytics - Charts & Exportable Reporting

  • Email Notifications



Automatic Bidding

Our systems generate updated bids for your campaigns constantly, ensuring that your bids are always optimized. SmartLens has proven performance gains versus network-based automated solutions, e.g. Conversion Optimizer/tCPA.



Keyword-based Optimization

The heart of SmartLens statistical models. Our ability to algorithmically determine the value of millions of keywords in a moments notice is based on decades of experience building machine-learning models for enterprise businesses with multi-million dollar ad budgets.



Geography, Devices, Audiences

Our platform accommodates various layers of optimization that helps you manage the increasingly complicated levers provided by sophisticated advertising networks. Automated updates are applied that turn a tedious, manual process into an advantage vs. the competition.



Custom Data Integration

SmartLens offers multiple ways to incorporate custom data to make even greater gains in efficiency. Incorporate true revenue/margin numbers on your conversions,detailed product or lead information, or marketing funnel data to super-charge your performance.

Sample of data integrations that SmartLens supports:

  • AdWords/BingAds API

  • Amazon Web Services (RDS/S3/Redshift)

  • Google Cloud Storage/BigQuery

  • Snowflake Data Warehouse

  • SFTP/Data Web Services